Services Offered

Palmetto Wood Creations offers 3 levels of service to clients.  Read on below to decide which level fits your needs.  

Standard Shop Items

These shop items are made to our customer's most popular sizes and/or features. They are typically completed sooner than customized products.  You also have the option of purchasing these items "unfinished" (at a discount), so that the construction is done by PWC but the staining and/or painting is up to you.   

Customized Shop Items

These shop items are made to custom sizes and finishes. Perhaps your pet barrier needs to be twice as tall for your Great Dane.  Or your side table would match the living room better with blue paint rather than teal.  With this concept, you get to modify a standard item to meet your specific needs.          

Child / Pet Barrier

Child / Pet Barrier

Genuine Creations

Do you have a general idea of the product you want, but need help fleshing out the details?  Like a design-build construction project, I'll be your architect and walk with you, the Owner, to create your one-of-a-kind work of art. From logo cut-outs to fireplace mantles, the possibilities are endless when you partner with PWC.

Farm Table

Farm Table


Please note:

Each of PWC's products can be ordered with stain, paint, and/or clear-coat already applied or the product can be ordered "unfinished" and sanded only, which leaves the staining/painting up to you.  This second option allows for a discount of 15% or more for most items.

Due to the size of many of PWC's products, 3rd party shipping is often expensive and/or unrealistic.  Please consider local pick-up or delivery and installation by PWC.  See our FAQ page for delivery/installation rates.