Mobley Jeter

Coffee Table

"I want to start by saying what incredible work Palmetto Wood Creations does!  My girlfriend is currently in the process of renovating a home and has been looking for the perfect coffee table to go in her living room.  She had seen many coffee tables that she liked in stores and on Pinterest, but all of them were either too expensive or not quite what she was looking for.  When I found out about Jonathan's shop, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to surprise her with the coffee table she's been looking for!  I only had to meet with Jonathan once to show him pictures of tables she liked (but would want him to tweak a little to her taste) and he took over from there.  He sent me weekly picture updates throughout the entire process and even let me help with the project a little myself.  When I picked up the final product from Jonathan, I was completely blown away!  His attention to detail and ability to bring my girlfriend's vision to life far exceeded my expectations.  Needless to say, my girlfriend loved the coffee table and has already made plans for PWC to make a barn door for her new house."